This is Halloween

I am not sure how this perfect storm came to be - this perfect storm that left Mosie SO in love with Halloween.  Oddly enough, I think it started in speech therapy - the therapist has some pirate toys that Mo likes playing with and she always sings the "Yo ho" song from Pirates of the Caribbean while they play with them.  So, the first obsession was with the song.  I searched youtube for videos that featured the song and the one that Mo kept asking for again and again and again was this one:

100 times a day, Mo asked me for "Punkins!  Peas, Mommy! Yo Hos, Peas!" (Peas = please)

After Maxie's Benefit, I had about 20 leftover Halloween sticker books (many featuring pumpkins) that Mo still gets into every single day.  I taught him what all of the other characters were too - pumpkins, bats, skeletons, owls, ghosts, spiders, witches.  He was only mildly interested in the non-pumpkins until I took him to Boney Island!  Boney Island is a neighborhood Halloween super tricked out house that my cousins volunteer at every year (because they are neighbors).  It lasts for something like 2 weeks.  It is super packed and kid friendly (not scary) and features many, MANY skeletons, spiders, pumpkins, bats, owls, ghosts and witches.  There is also a 3 story tree house, which my cousin Laurie took him up in (I couldn't go up since I was 5 months pregnant and carrying Myla the whole time we were there). His eyes were basically popping out of his head the whole evening, which was the night before Halloween.

Ironically, we did nothing for actual Halloween.  We stayed at my mothers house, which is up in the hills and doesn't get any trick or treaters.  Ted was out of town and I didn't have the strength to go out a second night with both kids alone, so we stayed home and watched about 1,000 singing pumpkin videos.  Now, you should know, the pumpkins sing all sorts of songs - Ghostbusters, Thriller, The Monster Mash.  Whenever Mo hears one of these songs, his eyes open wide and he declares "Punkins!".  But the one song that finally stuck is "This is Halloween":

It plays in the soundtrack of my mind all day long.  It lulls me to sleep at night and also keeps me awake if I get up to soothe Myla or use the bathroom.  We tried to excite him about Thanksgiving - but it just didn't happen.  Now it's the middle of December, we don't celebrate Christmas, and I just don't think we are going to find any Hanukkah related material that is going to be as cool or stick quite as intensely as Halloween has.  When Mo wakes up in the morning or from naps, the first words out of his mouth are still usually either "Punkins!", "Halloween stickers!" or "This is Halloween Mommy, PEAS!".  Mo's birthday is in July - wondering already if it's gonna be a Halloween themed party. After losing Max, I was ready to kiss this holiday goodbye forever.  I guess things really do evolve - this kid REALLY brought back Halloween for us....

Mo in his homemade Punkin Pirate hat


robyn said...

i think it's adorable that he is so into punkins and the videos. i know holidays are hard so i am glad he was able to bring goodness into halloween...and continue bringing halloween into thanksgiving, xmas, hanukkah, etc.

Susan said...

We skip Halloween, but are knee deep in Christmas. Come live next door, and we can swap about so the kids gets it all :)