Mace Nine Months

Mace was nine months old on Monday but it took until today for me to find five minutes to take these photos. I promise I'm not making it up when I say that Mace is the chillest baby of all my babies. I can take him anywhere. He is usually happy, quiet and smiling. He hasn't started crawling or even really sitting without us worrying that he might topple over - but all of my babies were at this stage at nine months. It must be something I'm doing. Now that I've had four though, I really don't worry. I know he will eventually crawl and walk and talk. He loves his mommy and daddy, his siblings, his family, his teachers and his friends at school. And Macie is a real crowd pleaser - always smiling and laughing with people wherever we go. This is a scary month, but also my favorite month. He reminds me so much of Max - in body and soul. I just keep telling myself that he will be fine.

We love you forever Baby Mace!!!