Nap on grandma

Mo is so focused on trying to figure out how to get from one place to another - how to stick his tush up in the air and get crawling - that he can hardly sleep.  That is, he can hardly sleep until he does - and then he sleeps HARD.  Yesterday, he missed his entire first nap because he just rolled around and around in his crib until he completely lost it and cried his eyes out.  Then he went to grandma's house for a couple of hours while Ted and I ran errands.  I thought I would put him down for a nap when I got back.  He couldn't wait that long though.  We came back to my mom's to find this:

She said, "I am in heaven....except for that I have to go to the bathroom".

This nap lasted only 30 minutes - the only one he took all day.  I sure hope he figures out how to crawl soon!


jessica said...

Heaven indeed! And he'll figure it out and start sleeping again especially once he starts crawling and exhausts himself! Love to all of you. xo

Bianca said...

I love how he even sleeps with those fingers in his mouth, what a signature move. xo

Jayden's Mommy said...

I love his chunk. He will crawl in no time. Much love going your way always.