Mace Three Months

Macie is three months old today and he is basically the most animated and smiley three month old I've ever met. He is always making eye contact and shooting us great big open mouthed grins. He usually wakes up twice a night - at 2 and 4 - to nurse and then he goes right back to bed. He spends a lot of time in his swing but I'm thinking those days are soon coming to a close as he'd much rather have us hold him so he can stare and coo at us. Also he is sleeping less (though still most of the day) and he's a tummy time champion. Macie looks so much like his big brothers! We are obsessed with him!!! 

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jessica said...

Hello gorgeous boy! You are such an amazing combination of your big brothers! We miss you and we're sending you, Myla, Mo and Maxie lots and lots of love! xo