Mace Seven Months Old

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I am so grateful that Mace is seven months old.  The closer we get to nine months, the more scared I am.  He somehow seems more and more vulnerable to me, the older he gets.  I can't wait to post his ten month photo.

In the meantime, Mace has had an action packed month.  We took took a mommy & baby trip together to California for a wedding.  He was SO easy on the plane.  He sat on my lap quietly, just looking around and smiling until he fell asleep. The way home was a red-eye and he slept the whole way.  He is a very portable guy. He started daycare (I can hardly believe it either) at Mo's school (with Myla too). The teachers all love him and are always commenting on what a good and easy baby he is. I am praying that this was the right decision for our family.  My feeling is that there are so many capable and certified teachers there - 3 in his classroom alone - and we were having nanny fatigue. It was near impossible to find a nanny like our last one in CA, Vivian, and we couldn't keep playing musical nannies. So far, we've been really happy with the school, for all of our kids. Mo loves visiting his brother and sister throughout the day and Macie is getting so much attention. 

Mace started eating solid foods at the start of the month. He LOVES rice cereal and is pretty much bored with everything else. I have to hide other foods in the ride cereal. I've never had a kid even like rice cereal, Mace can't get enough. 

He is still crazy cute, as evidenced below:


Anonymous said...

It must have been a tough decision for you to send Mace to daycare. I am struggling with the same thing. I am glad that he is in good hands.

Abby Leviss said...

Yes, sending the babies to daycare was really a tough decision. The emotional part of me is scared all of the time, the rational part of me says that most babies are fine at daycare. It just was not my experience and that is hard to separate. Good luck making your decision. There is no easy decision.

Chantel said...


Jayden's Mommy said...

He is so stinking cute. wow Abby you both do make beautiful children.

Rose said...

He is just gorgeous! Love you all!

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