Mace Nine Months

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mace was nine months old on Monday but it took until today for me to find five minutes to take these photos. I promise I'm not making it up when I say that Mace is the chillest baby of all my babies. I can take him anywhere. He is usually happy, quiet and smiling. He hasn't started crawling or even really sitting without us worrying that he might topple over - but all of my babies were at this stage at nine months. It must be something I'm doing. Now that I've had four though, I really don't worry. I know he will eventually crawl and walk and talk. He loves his mommy and daddy, his siblings, his family, his teachers and his friends at school. And Macie is a real crowd pleaser - always smiling and laughing with people wherever we go. This is a scary month, but also my favorite month. He reminds me so much of Max - in body and soul. I just keep telling myself that he will be fine.

We love you forever Baby Mace!!!


Bianca said...

He's so cute! And his eyes really, really remind me of Max's, such wise souls your little ones. I hope these months towards Macie's first candle are full of sweet baby moments and also go quickly for mommy and daddy.

Egreeno said...

Mace, little man, you are too adorable!!!! Happy nine months! We love you!

Anne Nadel said...

Hi Abby, it's annie nadel--jonathan's wife. We miss you guys. I check your blog frequently to see pictures of Max and Mo and Myla and Mace and wish you all still lived out here so we could get our kiddos together. I hope you're enjoying your new town and that this winter is a mild one for you all, though I bet the kids are going to love playing in the snow! I just wanted to say hello (as I often read without posting) and tell you that you're constantly in my heart and prayers. Sending you love and sunshine from cali, xo, annie

Jayden's Mommy said...

I always enjoy the pictures. He is so adorable.

Abby Leviss said...

HI Anne,

I have no idea how to reply to your comment. I will have Ted track your email down for me. Thank you for your nice note. I often wish we still lived in LA too. I would LOVE for us to get together sometime when we are home. I always thought we would have gotten along famously if we spent more time together. Ted LOVES Jonathan. I hope you guys are enjoying parenthood and taking lots of pictures! XOXO

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