Myla Five Months

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our little girl is five months old today!  She is a sweet and easy baby.  She is chubby, chubby, chubby and super happy.  She loves getting kisses and hugs and being held.  She also loves getting attention from her big brother, which happens sporadically but also intensely.  We love her more each day!

For some reason, I have trouble catching her smiles in photos but she actually smiles a lot.....and, boy, is it cute!


Seeing Each Day said...

This is a two part comment, (i) those eyes of hers draw you in, and I love that chubbiness! (ii) in regards to your previous post, it's awful to me that you are put in a position where you feel you have to explain or justify how you cope in social situations - people around you should just know what an absolute heave and strain that would be. Sorry, I realise that sounds presumptuous and idealistic, but it's just how I feel. Renee

Jayden's Mommy said...

Love her rolls. She is as cute as her brothers. Thinking of you as Maxie's birthday approaches. Much love always. Kira

Peggy Rothschild said...

OMG!! She is so so gorgeous and precious . What a treat to see her again in these photos. Warning. I am going t get addicted to getting pics again.

T said...

What a doll!

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