Myla Six Months

Aw man.  I am a few days late.  I have excuses - we were at my mom's house all last week in an attempt to keep our house clean.  We put our house on the market and hoped to have a bunch of showings before we returned home (more on that later....) I cannot find the blanket that I was taking Myla's photos on but am still hopeful it will show up. Ted was out of town all weekend, which made organizing my time kind of hard.  But, alas, there is no excuse.  Myla turned 6 months on Saturday and we should have done the photo shoot then.  It in no way reflects how HAPPY we are that she is getting older!  She is a doll!  She is sleeping better (with lots of patience and commitment to her sleep training), she is eating a few bites here and there of "solid" food (otherwise known as mushy sweet potatoes), and she smiles and laughs all of the time.  Mostly, I can't get over how CUTE she is.  I'm obsessed.  She gets lots of squeezes and kisses all day long.

So - here is the recap, starting with 2 months, when we got her!

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Jayden's Mommy said...

She is just beautiful. I am a strong believer that she looks like her brothers or maybe is just me. Much love. Kira