Mo's First Week of Preschool

Friday, January 9, 2015

This week was monumental at our house - but I mostly think that every time Mo passes a new milestone it is monumental.  Maybe that is just how all parents feel (I think they do).  Maybe it also has to do with him passing milestones that I remember dreaming about for Max, that he never got to (I think it is that too).  Mo started preschool this week.  He went every day until 1 pm.  It is the school we planned on sending Max to. It's connected to the synagogue where we spent high holidays. We did two and a half sessions of Mommy and Me there last year and Mo loves the children and the teachers.  I have known that he has been ready for preschool for some time now but we had to wait for an opening.  He LOVES being around other kids and he needed more stimulating play than he was getting here.  I am so happy for him.  SO SO happy that he is here - at this new place in life, such a happy and good boy.

I often say he saved my life.  He saved Ted's too.  We marvel at how much happiness he has brought us and when I say we were in a dark place before he came along - I am not saying we were disappointed, or depressed, or sad.  I am saying that we literally didn't know how we were going to get through the next day.  It was that bad.  Mo's spirit has lit up our lives in a way that I did not think was possible three years ago.  There are actually moments of time when I feel blissfully happy....and I do my best to bask in those moments and be present.  I cannot believe how full my life is - how much I love these children.  These week was full of those moments:


Seeing Each Day said...

That's fantastic that Mo loves going to pre-school. You're right about every parent feeling like these new stages are monumental, and for me there's always a significant tug to the heart strings that are bittersweet, but you have that added extra with everything tainted with your Maxie not being here, and that's a heavy taint that affects your everyday, let alone the monuments, that cannot be brushed away by anything.
I ho

Seeing Each Day said...

Sorry, about the above, I hope your pregnancy is going ok, and it was lovely to see the photos of Myla - those eyes and thighs get me every time. Renee

Abby Leviss said...

Yes! Her eyes are just gorgeous! So nice to hear from you

Susan said...

I remember it being dark for so long for you Abby. I also remember you sending another blogger having a shit time, chicken soup in the mail. I'm so glad the sun is shining on you and your lovely little broken family xx

Still can't believe you almost have 4 kids though!

Abby Leviss said...

It's totally crazy but the chaos is good for us.

Jayden's Mommy said...

I love seeing Pictures of Mo. He looks so big. It's like a little man. It is so bittersweet for me sometimes because seeing Kyle reach certain milestones it feels empty like his brother is suppose to be here teaching him. By the way my Kyle will be 2 this month. And Jaydens passing date is quickly approaching. 3 long painful years. Thank you for always lifting my spirit for letting me know it was okay to feel like I did. Like I feel sometimes. Much love to you. Many hugs and soon enough you will have Myla going to pre-school and new baby too. You are a amazing mom keep up the good work.

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