Mo 3 Years Old

It's a few weeks late but our Mo is three years old (click here for the recap of year one and his second year photo)! His birthday was the same day that Macie turned five months. We had an awesome birthday party for him the following weekend, in the middle of which Mo announced "Let's have a dance party!" So, Ted set the kids up with an outdoor speaker and they had a dance party. That's our kid for sure!!!

Mo has an awesome vocabulary, he is so friendly and playful. He loves dinosaurs, superheroes, Halloween and pumpkins. He still loves playing drums and he especially loves his little sister and brother. We are so lucky he's ours!!!


Chantel said...

Happy Birthday Mo!

Anonymous said...

"Let's have a dance party"?!?!? OMG are you kidding me that is the cutest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday. So cute. What a beautiful boy... Keep on dancin:)