Mace One Month

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Macie is one month old as of yesterday. I thought I had easy babies in the past - they've got nothing on Baby Mace. He is so quiet, we sometimes forget he's in the room (which can actually sometimes be a little scary - for me at least). He is really cute and mellow. We are happy that the cross eyes he was born with are now in focus :) He nurses like a champ - sometimes cluster feeding for hours at a time. He is loved (sometimes a little too aggressively) by both his older brother and sister. And, although nobody else might agree - he reminds me of Max so deeply on a soul level. It's something I can't explain, call it mothers intuition - but there is some Max in Mace. I feel it. Still, he continues to look most like Mo. We can't wait to see who this little guy becomes. He's just dreamy!!!

Here is the terrible one month photo I took earlier today and below are BEAUTIFUL photos taken by my nanny (who doesn't know yet that she has a children's photography career in her future)!


Egreeno said...

Happy one month little Mace! I can not wait to meet you!! He is so adorable!!!!

robyn said...

beautiful photos of a beautiful little guy. i can't believe he's already one month old! i love that you feel maxie in him and i love that his brother and sister love him so much. hugs to you and the whole crew...ted, maxie, mo, myla and mace!

Jayden's Mommy said...

Abby I love the pictures. He is just beautiful. i believe all siblings shared something very special with each other. I'm sure there is some Maxie in Mace. Thanks for sharing the pictures. All your babies are beautiful. Much love Kira

Lainie said...

One month! WOW!

And those LIPS!! Wheat a beautiful boy.

Love your babies!! Love your family!!

Adina said...

Mazel tov on baby Macie! What a punim! Mo, Myla, and Macie are all so beautiful--as, of course, was Maxie. Think of you all, and hope our paths will cross in person someday.

xoxo Adina (Today for Talya)

Abby Leviss said...

Adina- I still think about you and Talya often and wish you'd write about. You write so beautifully.

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