Myla Ten Months Old

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Myla was 10 months old on Sunday. She's growing up so quick. She gets cuter every day. She has been kind of uncomfortable lately - she just got her first tooth and the second is coming through. She also wants to crawl and move SO badly and is constantly frustrated that she can't do much more than roll on her own. This all makes for some sleepless nights and a lot of squirming and fussiness. I haven't had a baby that has had it all at once like this before. It's hard to see her so uncomfortable. I'm just praying this stage passes quickly and that next month I'll be reporting on her crawling all over the place. Generally she is a very happy baby. She's really into daddy right now and I'm pretty sure she's been saying "Dadda" a lot. We adore this little girl.

Here goes it:

*We are temporarily living at my moms house and so not only could I not find my usual blanket, but the lighting is also much different for our photo shoot. 


Rose said...

She is so darling!! Big hugs and kisses to all of you.

Jayden's Mommy said...

She is really adorable. I can't get over her chunky yummy legs. Much love Abby.

Tiffany said...

those thunder thighs are amazing!! she's so kissable!

Egreeno said...

She just keeps getting cuter!! Belated happy 10 months little lady!!

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