Macie's Bris

It definitely takes me a lot longer to post about our experiences these days. I see this as a positive - that my life is actually SO busy and full that I have less time to focus my attention on the blog. I know I've said it before - but I never could have imagined this much activity and this much joy coming back into my life. As hard as this new chapter is (logistically), I am beyond grateful.

Mace's bris was last Monday. It was such a special occasion for SO many reasons. First of all, it was our opportunity to introduce Mace to so many friends and family members. It is a nice way to celebrate this new life and for people to come see the baby and visit us without everyone we know trying to find a time to come over. Not that we wouldn't want to have special time with everyone BUT, it just isn't practical. And the event is much more festive than just sitting around in the living room while we feed kids and change diapers. 

Macie's bris was at my moms house. Since we've been living here, it just made sense to do it here. I love my moms house and it is a great place for gatherings and parties. We were really happy and so appreciative to do it here. And since my dad hosted Maxie's bris, and we had Mo's at our house, I think mymom was actually happy to have a turn herself. 

Another really special piece of Macie's bris for Ted and I was having the same Moyel who performed Maxie's bris. Dr. Shpall talked me off a very scary ledge before Maxie's bris. The whole practice of a bris felt very ancient, unnecessary and barbaric to me and I was dreading the deed. He sensed my apprehension and spoke to me about how the tradition would link our little boy to our heritage for thousands of generations backwards and forward in time. He told us to really pause and let the moments of the event sink in and to remember that it was special and worth being present for. I have felt so grateful for that reality check in the years since losing Max. There is no way we could have known that it would be the only opportunity in Maxie's short life that we got to celebrate him with him, since he never had even one birthday. I almost let the event be something that I just "got through" but it ended up being something I relished. I will be forever thankful for that. He (the Moyel) wasn't available for Mo's bris. We were so glad he was available for Mace's.

We also were excited to use the opportunity of Macie's event to celebrate Myla. We didn't do a "baby naming" for her because she was converted in the mikveh, where she was also named. The mikveh is in a small room and so we really only invited our close family to that ceremony. It was cute having her "introduced" along with her younger brother. Ted and our Moyel incorporated her into the ceremony along with Mo. One of the most special moments of the evening was when Mo grabbed Myla affectionately during a blessing and started speaking baby talk to her. You could feel the love that they have for each other. It was really sweet.

Lastly, and oddly enough, this was the first bris that I had fun at. I was too postpartum overwhelmed to have fun at Maxie's bris (even if I did really appreciate the moment). I was too deep in grief at Mo's bris to feel celebratory - too worried Mo wasn't going to live to be able to fully celebrate his arrival. But this time, I felt relaxed and happy and celebratory. I think by the fourth child, newborns just don't feel that daunting anymore......Or something.

Anyway, as I said at Mace's bris to our guests, "Have girls". The brises of my boys have been special for sure, but are definitely something I am glad to never have to experience with my own children again (bc we aren't having any more).


robyn said...

you have a beautiful family abby!!! wish i lived close enough to attend. Love to you, ted, maxie, mo, myla and mace

Leslie K. said...

Mo looks like a little bar mitzvah boy! All the kids are so beautiful.

Tiffany said...

how special! congrats again. I love Maxie's family <3

Egreeno said...

So glad it was a wonderful celebration. Thanks so much for sharing this and the video and photos! Love to you all!

Rose said...

Gorgeous and wonderful! Xo