Macie 10 Months

Macie turned 10 months old yesterday! He's just such a special baby. He's very even tempered and friendly. When he looks at you, it's as if he is looking into your soul. It reminds me so much of Max. Even Mo's teacher said something about it to me last time she saw him. She said, "I'm not Jewish, but the Rabbi taught us the word 'Neshama' and I think about it whenever I see Mace". Neshama means soul. That's what he is - he's all soul.

He started crawling right at nine and a half months (exactly when I think Max would have crawled, had he lived). He likes pulling up on stuff and playing with his brother and sister. Whenever he sees either of them, he smiles and laughs. They adore him. It's the cutest. We love this guy! He just couldn't be cuter!

Ready for the photos? Here we go!


Chantel said...

I think his pictures look like Mo! Happy Holidays!!!

robyn said...

he's gorgeous abs. in every picture he is so smiley and happy...wish i lived closer to squeeze and kiss him (you too)!