Macie Eight Months

Our Macie turned eight months old on Friday, but I was out of town and Ted had his hands pretty full. For those two reasons, photos didn't happen until today. 

Mace is a really chill little guy. He doesn't cry much, he's usually happy and smiling, and when he looks at you, it's intense. Even the teachers at his school have remarked on how deeply he stares into their eyes.

He just started sleeping through the night last week. It took two nights to sleep train him. It's been pretty remarkable - especially considering that two weeks ago, he was waking up just about every hour. 

He has really special and unique friendships with both Mo and Myla and I can't wait to watch those grow. The next couple of months make me really nervous. Please send us some prayers or positive vibes.  This boy is really awesome!


robyn said...

Such a beautiful and happy little man. positive vibes and good thoughts are always being sent your way. love to you, ted, maxie, mo, myla and macie.

Anonymous said...

He is such a handsome boy . Much love and good thoughts sent your way.