The other side

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I should mention that there have been several lovely people who have told me that they know - they read it, or googled me, or someone told them - and they've either emailed or approached me to say that they know. And that they are sorry. 

That's been nice to hear.

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Helen said...

'I know' and I am so very sorry that you have lost your beautiful Maxie. I found your blog just after my sister lost her 4.5 month baby Rosa to SIDS on Christmas Day 2013. Although Rosa was my niece I have some insight into how totally devastating the loss of your baby is - there really is nothing that can compare to the total shock and devastation. We go on as a family and we remember baby Rosa in different ways, we still celebrate her birthday - this year we all painted stones for her to go around her special rose bush which is in the garden. This was something the children could do (my sister and her husband have 6 other children). My sister is learning that this is a very heavy burden to carry and carry you do for the rest of your life - even in the good times the sorrow will always be there. I am so glad your re-opened your blog to readers and I am so pleased for you that you now have Myla and Mace, but I know that beautiful and healing as they are they will never take the place or 'make up' for Maxie. A lot of people are inadequate and very emotionally repressed in that they seem unable to deal with someone who has suffered such an unthinkable thing as loosing a child - this is very sad.