Maxie's Bris

A year ago today, we came together in Papa Chuck's backyard for Maxie's bris.  I worried so much that Maxie would be hurt.  I wasn't sure I was comfortable with the whole practice but I knew that it would link him to his ancestors for centuries.  Maxie was an amazing baby.  He hardly made a peep.  The Moyel told me that the way a baby reacts to his bris is an indicator of his future disposition.  Further proof that my Max was going to be angelic.  I cried through the whole ceremony.  Not my baby!  I wanted him to feel no pain.  So many people came to the bris to admire him and congratulate us.  I felt so proud to be his mommy.  I felt so proud to be Ted's wife.  I felt so lucky to have my little family.  Max slept the whole night, mostly in Grandma Susanna's arms.  She looked over the moon, as we all did and we were.  I sometimes wonder if the universe or g-d feels any remorse.

We are a family!

Gigi carried out her grandson and handed him to the Moyel

Teddy's Uncle Rich and Aunt Ellen sent these "Max" cupcakes

This boy is so beautiful!

Look behind Ted.  You can see Papa Chuck looking proud in the background.

The photo above was our favorite moment of the evening.  Max's Hebrew name, Yehuda, was declared out loud as he was held up to the sky for everyone to behold!  We loved that moment and talked about it for weeks afterward.

Max sleeping with Grandma Susanna and Teddy's Aunt Jan


Bianca said...

Maxie's bris was so special! Everything about Maxie was special and this was no exception. I cried because you were crying, and because I was moved by the ritual and ceremony, and because I was so happy that Max was born and being welcomed and celebrated. Then I had really good deli food and enjoyed catching up with you and the girls and admiring sweet Maxie in his grandma's arms. I am devastated that he is not with us now and that you and Ted and your families have to live on without him. I'm so sorry, it is so unfair.

Kate said...

I was so honored to be at Max's bris-it was my "first time" and I was amazed at how peaceful the ceremony was--he was so mellow. I loved the ritual and history of it, and the reassuring words from the Moyel. I sat with your Mom during the wonderful "Deli Snack" while she held Max asleep.
At one point I remember whispering to Susan "are you in heaven" and she said "oh, absolutely" (or something along those lines). It was such a peaceful and content moment. Hard to believe it was a year ago and impossible to believe Max is gone.