20 months old

I thought it was about time to catalogue some of Mo's current interests, likes, and habits.  He is 20 months old and SUCH a cutie.  I've been having a hard week (what else is new?)  This little guy saves me every day.

He loves playing with cars - trains - buses.  He rolls them around on the floor and table tops, sticks little people in them, and rolls them on tracks.  He tries to carry as many of them as possible and even tucks them under his chin when his hands are full.

He loves wearing other people's shoes.  Whenever he sees shoes on the floor, he just cannot resist sticking them on his own feet.  This can sometimes be dangerous - I have to keep a close eye on him.

He loves slides.  He has no fear either.  He will climb to the top of the highest slide in the park and just take it down over and over and over.  I think he would never stop if I didn't eventually pull him away.

He loves ketchup!  We took him out to dinner a few weeks ago and Ted put some ketchup on whatever Mo was eating and he ate it right up!  I bought some organic ketchup with hidden vegetable purees in it and I squirt it on everything savory.  He already loved fruit so now all we have to work on is protein.  So far, he really only likes fishies (not "fish", but "fishies" - the organic fish nuggets from the market that we bake.

He loves big sticks.  I never need to worry about him having toys to play with because he will always find a big stick and that will keep him occupied for hours at a time.

He loves animals - he likes animal cartoons, stuffed animals, animal noises and of course, LIVE animals.  We takes walks around the block looking for neighborhood dogs, birds, horses, cats and squirrels.  This kid loves squirrels.

My favorite thing, selfishly, is that he loves cuddles and kisses.  I cannot get enough of them so I am glad he seems to like them as much as I do.  I am dreading the day he pushes me away so I am going to snuggle up now as much as I can.


TamaraL said...

What a little cutie! And it sounds like his personality is bursting at the seams! Love that age!!

robyn said...

he's beautiful abby. he's grown so much, in so many ways since i saw him in november. i can't wait until i can see him (and you!) again...hopefully soon. love you all.

Anonymous said...

he is so so cute!!! I know you've written in the past about different healthy eating plans you've tried. Can you please share whatever workout you do for your arms? Your arms look amazing in that photo.