T squared

Writer's Note: My friend Daphna tells me she is "addicted" to reading my blog and that I've gone too many days without giving her "news".  So, this one is for her.

Ted doesn't allow me to say "Terrible Twos" but I don't think that I am not allowed to write it (double negative?).  I AM allowed to write it - until Ted tells me I can't.  

Ted calls it T squared, which also conveniently works for Temper Tantrum.

He isn't being controlling.  He is just WAY superstitious and he believes that if I say it, it will come to pass.  Unfortunately, I think it might be a little late.  Not that I would EVER call anything my little angel does "terrible".  :) (Yes, I am still against them overall, but the emotee was necessary in this case). 

Mo has historically not been moody.  In fact, he is pretty much always in either a mellow or happy mood.  Max was the same way.  A mother's dream!  But, in the last week, there have been a few melt downs.  Little ones.  Nothing big - crying on a playdate when a friend hugged him, grumpily pushing away food he doesn't want....that kind of stuff.

But, yesterday - OH YESTERDAY!  It was ON!  T squared started mildly during a playdate, escalated during dinner, went to crazy town during a bath and then got taken home during bed time routine.  I actually found it to be kind of funny, which is a clear indicator that I've only had to deal with it a few times.  I am not sure it will be funny for long.  ESPECIALLY SINCE....

Tonight we get on an overnight flight to CT for Passover.  It is officially the last flight where we didn't buy him his own seat.  I am not as worried about the flight there, as it is a red eye - but the flight home comes in the late afternoon.  

I am loading up on snacks, small new toys (matchbox cars and chuggington trains), ipad apps and movies and hoping that will help some.  I am also hoping that the appearance of T squared yesterday was just a "one off" and that it will go away and not come back until we are back at home (if ever....).  Wishful thinking?   

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