Mo is tall

I've been away for a little bit.  It felt good to take a break.  I might even have to keep it up.  I did want to update my Mo memories though.  He is growing up so quick.  In fact, he seems to be growing quicker than most!!!  He is a TALL boy!

Wherever we go, people think Mo is older than he is.  This morning, at the bank, a teller asked me if Mo was three or four.  "He isn't even two", I responded.  He told me that his son is four and is the same size.  He is as tall as many of his three year old friends, for sure, and taller than most of his two year old ones.

I mentioned a few weeks back that Mo isn't talking yet.  He isn't even saying one word (well, that isn't entirely true - he says "no!".  Not in a T squared way.  Kind of in a nonchalant way like, "Nah - not right now".  He also sometimes uses it to mean "yes" - hmmmmm - I can still consider it one of his words, right?).  Anyway, my point is that this can be confusing to older kids and even adults.  They see a boy who looks like he is three but he doesn't talk yet.  It sort of gives me an insight into how people treat children who actually ARE three and don't talk yet.  It isn't always nice.

Months ago, we were at a party and Mo wasn't walking yet and so he crawled around the party.  Another mother pointed at him and started laughing and then asked me, "Is he trying to be funny?"  "No," I said "he is trying to get from point A to point B".  She just kept laughing.  Very odd behavior indeed - dontcha think?

I am not particularly sensitive to the fact that Mo is a little behind.  He is being evaluated for speech therapy and if he needs it (which it looks like he does), I am excited to get him started.  I think it will help him express himself better and lower his levels of frustration.  And, I don't get hurt feelings when people think he is older than he is.  What I do think is kind of weird though is confronting the parents of a child of any age that seems like they might fall out of what might be considered the "normal" range of development.  I would think that by now we might all understand that children develop at different rates and that some children will always have issues that they and their families will struggle with in regard to their development.  I'm just thinking that people could be a lot more sensitive with the parents of those children.

In the meantime, something else that I can't help but think about is that Maxie would be three and might be about the same size as Mo.  Maxie was a little small and Mo is a little big.  They'd probably meet somewhere in the middle.  When I look at Mo, I see what Maxie could be - physically.  And, Lord knows, they do look alike - a lot alike.  They might be sharing clothes, along with toys and a bedroom by now.  They'd definitely be playing together and perhaps Mo would be talking more if he had a big brother to mimic.  Who really knows?  It's all just daydreaming to me.  I wish I could see these boys together.  What a beautiful site that would be.

In the meantime, this is Mo playing with Everett.  Everett was supposed to be Maxie's friend (he is my friend Jessica's son).  He was born only a few weeks after Max.


Anonymous said...

My brother was the same way-very tall for his age even as a baby. And people were always surprised he wasn't more talkative or developmentally where they thought he should be for his "appearance age", not realizing he was actually much younger. He is now a 6'4 businessman who runs his own company-super smart and super tall, just like your Mo will be! I wish his brother was here too. It's just not fair.

Em said...

Yes, what a beautiful sight that would be.

Taryn said...

Oh, cute Mo! It seems like he was just born! When did he get so grown up?