A weight lifted

Friday, September 7, 2012

Yesterday morning one of the geneticists from UCLA called to tell us that Mo does NOT have the same carrier gene for a Fatty Acid Oxidation (FAO) as Maxie and Ted.

That was the very best anniversary present that we could have received.

And, even though nobody really thinks being a carrier killed Maxie (since being a carrier means Maxie didn't have the disorder, he just carried it, like Ted does), it was the one inheritable gene that was of great concern to us.  So, as far as I am concerned, Mo is back into the statistical pool with the rest of the population.

A weight feels lifted off my shoulders.  The chances are that Mo will live a long long life.  And, I just won't get into all of the feelings that resurface for Max right now.  Today I am dwelling in the positive.


Susan Ireland said...

Brilliant news! Big grins and all for Team Mo from over here xx

Tamar said...

I'm so happy to hear this news. I know it doesn't take away from the pain of losing Maxie, but the fact that there is some weight off your shoulders is music to my ears!

Sarah P. said...

I know this doesn't take away one iota of the pain of your loss, but I am really glad you got this news and it is giving you something to be positive about. Hooray for little baby Mo! And Happy Anniversary!

Chantel said...

Wonderful news! Happy Anniversary.

Britt M. said...

Excellent news! Thinking of you and Ted, baby Mo and big brother Max, as always.

Stephanie Sajjadieh said...

Such a relief! Happy belated anniversary!

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