Saturday Excursion

We are slowly re-entering the world.  Baby steps.  There is a new Farmer's Market in our neighborhood - at the Autry Museum.  We've been going there for breakfast and to buy our produce for the last few weeks.  I wouldn't have been able to handle the place before Mo was born - lots of babies.  But, I look forward to it each week.  It is a good excuse to get out of my pajamas and think about what I might cook for dinners in the coming days.  Occasionally, I see babies of about two years old with their happy parents and I think, "We should be them".  We should be here with our two boys.  Camped out next to a Face Painting booth yesterday, I thought, "Maxie would love getting his little face painted".  Life is heart breaking.

I worry about this losing this excursion.  There aren't enough people coming to this Farmer's Market.  It's new so maybe it will just take some time for the word to get out.  Already though we noticed that a booth selling fresh seafood that was there for the first three weeks was not there this past Saturday.  Hopefully they will come back.  In the meantime, there is amazing produce, fresh baked gourmet breads, Vegan Korean food, great breakfast and lunch booths, and a few crafty booths too.  If you live nearby, you should definitely check it out.  There is LOTS of parking and maybe you can hit up the pony rides down the road afterwards.  There is also a big green grass area where you could have a picnic or throw a frisbee.  If you come and see us, say hello.  I don't want to lose my Saturday excursion.

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Bianca said...

I hear this is a great farmer's market and have been meaning to go. The hours might not work for us for awhile though, so I really hope it continues. I think this might mark the halfway point between our houses and would love to have weekly meetups there someday. I am so sorry for this world of heartbreak without Maxie, it is so unfair and devastating and painful. You should have both of your boys with you, and I know you will always ache for your sweet soul mate.