I found myself stewing last night after reading an awful comment on the blog of a fellow grieving mother.  It was meant to be hurtful.  It was meant to make the blogger feel badly about herself.  It was meant to minimize the grief that this mother feels for her daughter and it's author was, OF COURSE, anonymous.  I have been on the receiving end of so many of those kinds of comments since I started writing my blog.  Every time I get one, it feels like I'm being punched in the face.  And, yes, I get it that our blogs are public, so people should be allowed to comment and say whatever they'd like.  After all, we are opening our lives to you.  BUT - honestly, who the hell targets a parent whose child has died to send such mean spirited commentary?  Just the absolute worst kind of person ever I have to imagine.  In my case, I usually have a pretty good idea who the anonymous commenter is.  First of all, there are ways to trace the comments, so they aren't really all that anonymous after all. I am SURE that anonymous is smart enough to recognize that, right? (NOT).  But, I also think that there are people who get off on kicking people who are struggling.  I think it brings them satisfaction to know that they pushed the knife in even further.  As an outside looking in on an anonymous comment on another person's blog, I have to say, those comments were really put in perspective for me.  The only person who looks like an a-hole is anonymous. 

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