Celebrity Crush

Who is your celebrity crush?  I've had a few over the years.  I don't think there is anything disloyal about celebrity crushes - that is what celebrities are there for, right?  My husband's is Salma Hayek, or it was the last time I checked.

My first celebrity crush was Ricky Schroeder.  I tore out the pictures of him from my Teen Beat magazines and taped them to my wall.  I even dressed up like him for Halloween once in grammar school - which basically meant I put my hair in a pony tail and wore an argyle sweater vest.  Somehow my parents got me to a party for some afterschool special he was in and my memory is that he "stole" my ice cream sundae.  I cannot tell you for sure if that is a true memory or a made up memory but whatever it was, it effectively ended my crush on Ricky.  I tend to think I was done with him but needed an out.

I had many celebrity crushes over the years too - most notably: Bono (or Larry Mullen Jr., depending on whether I felt like crushing on the underdog) in high school, Kurt Cobain in my college days, and Justin Timberlake in my twenties.  While I was working in San Francisco and New York to bring attention to the genocide in Darfur, my celebrity crush was John Prendergast.  Though he isn't really a "celebrity", he IS "famous" in the human rights world.  I was WAY more excited about meeting him at the Darfur rally in DC that I helped organize than I was to meet either George Clooney or Barak Obama, who were also there.  John Prendergast is dreamy - and I guess I am not the only one who thinks so - "they" say that he had a little fling with Angelina Jolie when he brought her to the Congo.  Lucky girl.

More recent crushes have been Eric Bana and Daniel Craig - not only because of their obvious appeal, but also because they have each played the part of historically based Jewish heroes.  For me, "Jewish" ups the appeal.  So does Latin.  Which brings me to me current celebrity crush:

Mando from Sesame Street.  Yes, this is the truth.  I mean, really, come on.  Mando is the very best human character on the show and so cute....and that hair!  Forget about it.  Plus, that voice!  Just have a listen: 

Ladies, am I right? Like BUTTER!
(Not sure why this video is not showing up in the mobile version of blogger- you'll just have to trust me!)

I think the celebrity crush is a pretty good indicator of the stage of life you are in.  We always described my Grandma Marilyn as super hip, in no small part because her celebrity crush was Jon Stewart (and her favorite movie was Spinal Tap - she really was the coolest).  My grandma was definitely in a more political stage of life when that crush developed.  I am clearly in a mommy stage of life, which is why my celebrity crush is a Sesame Street character.  Mando - rrrrrrrrrlllllllll! (I'm rolling my tongue to indicate his hotness).


Unknown said...

This made me giggle since I have been known (and by know I mean just to myself) to have this stuck in my head from time to time. I was excited to see the English version this morning on SS. Looks like we watch the same TV! Lots of love to you, Ted, Maxie and Mo. And some special love to Jakey!

Anonymous said...

You forgot my favorite of your celebrity crushes... Garry Shandling. there was a time when you fell asleep with a picture of Garry by your bed. What a testament to your depth and sense of humor.


Abby Leviss said...

OMG Paul! I can't believe that I forgot about my crush on Gary Shandling. HA HA! I LOVED him.

Abby Leviss said...

And, one more thing about Gary- my dear realtor friend Michael Freeman, once brought me along as his "assistant" when he was showing Gary Shandling a house because he knew how I much I love him. I think that was the day the crush ended. He wasn't really all that funny.

jessica said...

I'm proud to say that I've listened to the crush list in person for many of these. I've shared a few - The Ricker, Larry Mullen Jr. (yes, I've always liked drummers), Daniel Craig. Rrrlll, indeed (and, oh, how I love that particular expression of yours)! Thanks for introducing me to Mando. He is "rrrlll" worthy for sure. Very key-arbs. xoxox

Egreeno said...

I was going to make the same comment as Paul! Pretty impressive that you've met two of your celeb. crushes in person but too bad that the meetings ended the magic. Here's to hoping you don't get to meet Mondo :)