Recap of a fun night

I have not fully processed The Book of Mormon yet. I know I enjoyed it and yet, it made me strangely uncomfortable. I guess that is what I expected, considering that it was written by the creators of South Park. What I really want to know is what Mormons think of it.

Mostly, I enjoyed being out on the town with my man last night. We had one of the top five meals of our relationship. Plus, we loved the name of the restaurant:

Not only did the show make me strangely uncomfortable, but the seats at the Pantages Theater are CRAZY uncomfortable!  I think I am going to have to bring my own seat cushion next time we see a show there.  Here is a super dorky selfie that we retook 10 times.  Ted still doesn't approve of any of the shots but this one's going up anyway:

(PS - that woman directly behind us talked through the entire show!  ENTIRE SHOW!)

We had big plans to go out for a drink after the show but about a block from the theater we decided going home would be so much more fun.  Who have we become?  Old.  We've become old.  

Mo is at an age where I feel a thousand times more comfortable leaving him with my mom or his nanny, which still means that I am probably a thousand times more uncomfortable than most parents probably are leaving their kids with a complete stranger.  I hope that makes sense without sounding like I am cutting on my mom or Mo's nanny.  I am grateful that there are people I trust to leave Mo with.  Most importantly, Mo enjoys his sleepovers:

No emotional sharing in this one. Just a recap of a fun night out (entirely planned by my better half!)


Anonymous said...

Mo looks so much like his Daddy in that shot!

Brenda said...

So I just wanted to comment on the Book of Mormon thing, and how you wondered what Mormons think of it. I am a Mormon, and in general we have been encouraged to not see the play, as it wasn't written by an active member of our church and therefore likely doesn't have our church, our faith, or the LDS community's best interests in mind. I doubt you'll find too many of our faith who have seen it or who would recommend it. It makes me sad that it made you feel uncomfortable, because I would hate for people to get the wrong idea of what our church stands for or what we believe. Again, I myself really know very few details about the play. Just putting out the opinion since you were curious! Happy you had a fun night spending time with your hubby, that's the best! My husband and I are old, too...someone told us last week that we need to go on more dates, but honestly I just love staying in and spending time together at home after the toddler boy is tucked into bed!

robyn said...

Glad you and ted had a nice night out. mo looks like he had a good night too! he's adorable. xoxo.

Taryn said...

OH MY GOSH! He is so cute!!!

Also, for the record, I haven't felt discouraged from seeing the play. I think it's totally a personal thing, and there haven't been any overarching directives NOT to see it as far as I know. I do know many Mormons don't WANT to see it because of what they have heard or assume about it, so maybe this is more a social pressure type thing not to see it. Again, where I'm at in the country, it's not showing, so it's not even a topic that's been discussed much. No one is throwing around directives regarding this musical in my neck of the woods :).