Yesterday was crazy. But I'm so glad we made it here because we had such a nice time at our friend Jesse's wedding. 

Mo was such a good boy! Traveling is so hard on babies. I can remember the last flight we took with Max. It was coming home from visiting Ted's family in CT.  Max missed his morning nap and we were running late. By the time we got on the plane, Max was melting down. I spent a lot of time on that flight with Max in my baby carrier in the back of the plane.  Our flight to Miami started off pretty much the same way with Mo.  Because of a horrifying shooting incident, our plane took off three hours late without most of its passengers.  Somehow we got on a flight through Orlando that left at 10:30 pm. Had we been on schedule, Mo would have done great. In fact, he was GREAT until about 9:30. By the time our plane was boarding, he was melting. People were giving us either major stink eye or major looks of empathy. The melt down continued pretty much until the cabin lights finally went out and then he slept basically the whole trip out. 

Today we have another challenging day of travel. Wish us luck!

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