Halloween playdate

I told Ted that I wanted to dress Mo up as a pumpkin this year - because he is my little pumpkin.  Ted thought Mo would be kind of embarrassed to be dressed as a pumpkin.  "Kids don't want to dress like pumpkins, they want to dress like Star Wars and super heroes".  "He is 15 months old", I said.  Obviously, it was settled - Mo was a pumpkin.  Our SUPER talented nanny, Jessica, made his costume!

Then Ann emailed and said, "When are we doing our Halloween photo shoot?"

Once you do it two years in a row, it becomes a tradition right?

Last year Mo and Riley just happened to have the exact same costumes.  Weird coincidence - especially considering the costumes were kermits and giraffes.  This year, Mo was a pumpkin and Riley was Darth Vader.  Maybe Ted was right?  Kids DO like to be Star Wars - who knew?

Anyway, here it is - a little less controlled than last year.

They kept getting away from us:

Bribing them with food seemed to keep them put for a while at least

It wasn't long before they were off again to explore again


Amanda Q. said...

Hi Abby,
This article made it's way to me today and I thought you'd be
interested in it as well:

Mo is an adorable pumpkin.

Bianca said...

too cute, I love these photos (and these guys and their mamas). xo