Back in our spot

I haven't been here in almost three years.  I used to come 3 times a year.  I thought I would never come back here.  I had visions of bringing Maxie here every year - to hike in the rainforest, to play at the beach, to see the monkeys (and coatis, and sloths, and toucans)....  I thought Maxie was the luckiest kid in the world to have a piece of paradise to grow up visiting.  The last time I was here was with him.  I thought I'd never come back - because my dreams all died with my baby.

But eventually, I realized that Mo deserves all of those dreams too.  So here we are and I am actually happy to be here. It seems like Mo is too.  We've got lots of "aunties" around - and grandma  -and I'm hoping that at some point this week, we'll feel Maxie's spirit with us too.

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