At Once

Thursday, February 13, 2014

There is a theme of questioning that keeps coming back, which almost sounds like an accusation, even though I don't think it is meant to be.  It's "Have you allowed yourself to really love and attach to Mo?"  It seems like a crazy question to me but I get asked this all of the time - almost always by people who've never really seen me with Mo.   I guess when people hear me crying and feeling so helpless and destroyed by Maxie's death, they assume that means I must not have enough love leftover for Mo.  I'm pretty sure that if Max were alive, nobody would ask me that question. 

I know plenty of people with more than one child, and somehow, they manage to love them all.  They can actually go through periods of being a little more worried about one child, or attending to the health of another - but nobody ever bothers to wonder whether they have enough space for all of the children.  There is no question because we know that it is biological and completely normal for a parent to love each of their children with equal passion and enthusiasm.  There is no question because we can see them loving their children equally.  If you saw me with Mo, I don't think there would be a question.  I love him completely - with my entire soul - with every cell in my body.  He acts like a child who is given boatloads of love too.  I never worry that he doesn't feel our love.

What is funny is when I really button up, when I focus all of my attention on Mo and put thoughts of Max out of my mind, I get, "Have you allowed yourself to grieve?".  As if I am somehow emotionless because I am not crying right then.  It's actually a somewhat hilarious conundrum.  If I am not sharing and crying all of the time - I am cold.....if I am sharing and crying - I am stuck. 

I know, better than most, how possible it is to be fully sad and disappointed by life and at the very same time - in the exact same moment, in fact - feel completely filled with joy.  It is hard to imagine.  I know.  I hope you never ever feel it.  But, when I cry about Max...  When I talk about how much I miss him...  When I sob over my broken heart and his beautiful life that ended much too quickly - it doesn't mean that I've forgotten the perfect, hilarious, smart, interested, lovely little boy that is his little brother.  He is the light of my life - the one I am able to give my whole heart to - the most special person in my world. 

Don't worry - Mo is loved.  Completely and thoroughly. As is Maxie.  Forever and ongoing.  To the Moon and back....and back...and back. 


Em said...

Yes all at once they are both loved.

Anonymous said...

Who asks you these questions? Is it the same people who are reading your blog and critical of you? I always wonder why are they even reading your blog if they feel the way they do, don't you?

I read your blog daily and think you and your family are wonderful and Mo is beyond adorable and looks very loved by all.

Susan said...

Never crossed my mind... idiots sweetie... we are surrounded by idiots....

robyn said...

I've seen you with both your boys and the amount of love you have for both Mo and Maxie is endless. As Aiden would say "People, P-E-P-L-E". stupid peple, stupid questions.

Tiffany said...

wow, i'm surprised that you really get asked that question. i have always assumed that people were thinking that i may be too broken to love baby girl, but no one has ever come out to ask me that. i would be livid. yes it is possible to feel multiple emotions. destroyed by the death of our sons, but so thankful and so in love with all of our children.

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