I kind of can't believe that I am sitting here writing another eulogy for one of my mom's beloved dogs.  When Camille came home to my mother, something wasn't quite right.  She was skittish and cold (though regal and lovely).  She was especially afraid of men and never came when called.  I can remember many many nights of house sitting when I just could not get her in the house.  The more I called for her, the further she'd back up.  I'd have to leave the sliding glass door ajar, watch tv or read a book, and pretend not to notice her.  That is the only way she'd come back in the house and I couldn't leave her outside because I worried about the coyotes. There are A LOT in my mom's neighborhood and they howl in packs all night long.

As the years went by, she got sweeter and more friendly.  The change happened so gradually, you wouldn't have noticed day to day or month to month - but year to year, she became an entirely different dog.  She totally lost her fear of men - which we all attribute to her having the NICEST men in her life: my brother, Ted, and Ken.  I know that she and Ken had a special bond.  She had become the sweetest, most cuddly and loving dog.  She became this way because she was SO loved.

On Monday night, Camille passed away in Ken's arms.  He held her for the last hour of her life.  My mom was out of town at a conference.  She is grateful that Camille wasn't alone.

I don't think the death of a dog is the same as the death of a human - and certainly not a baby.  I'm not writing about Camille in this space to equate the two.  But, our dogs are important parts of our family and in the space that Maxie left, they helped fill our empty hearts.  In the time since Maxie died, my mom has lost three of her dogs.  It's all just too much.

Our Camille was a sweet and funny girl and she will be missed. 

My mom is always happiest with her dogs. Camille always liked to be right next to her Momma.  She is on the left of my mom.  Ben is on the left of Camille, and Stella (who died shortly after Max) is on the right.  They are all gone now and sorely missed. 


TamaraL said...

I'm sorry for all of your mom's losses. My mom lost one of her cats today...her third this year, I think. Animals are such a special part of our lives...your mom's dogs look so sweet in that picture. (I only saw two dogs at first glance!)

Taryn said...

I'm sorry your family has to deal with any more loss! Life seems to be pretty merciless a lot of the time.

Your mom looks so pretty and happy in this picture. I hope the years of happiness and love shared with this sweet dog will help to ease the pain of this loss.