Flight Time

While I am looking forward to my trip to Israel in a couple of weeks, the stuff that I am most excited about isn't necessarily what you might think it is.  It isn't being in the holy city of Jerusalem, or spending a beautiful Shabbat day in the coastal resort town of Eilat.  It isn't even enjoying my FAVORITE breakfast of all time - Israeli cottage cheese and a big salad.  Almost everything I am most looking forward to will actually happen on the plane on the way there.  I kind of can't believe that I'm even saying (or thinking this).

I think that the flight is around 14 hours direct.  That means 14 hours of "me" time (plus extra time in the airport before my flight).  I will be able to watch movies, listen to music, sleep and read whatever I want.  (And, yes, I will be sitting in coach).  Flying lately means having a baby on my lap, who is bored and fussing when I am lucky; crying and screaming when I am not.  There is no reading (HA) or listening to music (the headphones would be pulled out of my ears in two seconds) or watching tv/movies (same).  Since it is an international flight - I might even have a couple of drinks - and I don't even necessarily mean alcoholic ones - I just mean drinks that won't get spilled in my lap.

The truth is that I am not even complaining about flying with a baby.  I am so lucky to have Mo.  He can scream and cry and flail all over the place.  I'll still cover his cheeks in kisses and throw dirty looks at anyone who complains about him.  I am not excited AT ALL about being away from Mosie for a whole week.  The thought is actually totally anxiety provoking - but I plan to enjoy the pants off those first 14 + hours.


Brenda said...

I can totally relate...my husband and I flew internationally last year, and the flight was just heavenly. I missed that little toddler more than I could stand for the ten days we were away from him, but I did enjoy the 15 hours of being "allowed" to have my cran apple juice, and watch movies and read books uninterrupted, just whatever my heart desired. Coming home was so nice, though, to wrap my arms around the little guy.

Susan said...

You are bonkers!

Come to Scotland - all 3 of you. We will dump Mo and Miss M on the Daddies. They can take them to North Berwick beach to build a sandcastle and then into the town to have fish and chips for lunch. We will use the spa at the North Berwick Hotel - nice hot tub outside.. they have all those nice heat rooms...and an infinity pool... then we will go up to the bar and a boozy lunch starting with cocktails and ending with fizzy plonk. There will be chocolate dessert.

I have to say a 14 hour flight does nothing for me :)

Abby Leviss said...

You are speaking my language! Hot tubs and fizzy drinks! Let me talk to Ted!

Taryn said...

Ha, Ha. You totally nailed it! I just took my three kids across the country alone--a 13 hour day. Never again. The 2-year-old did 'well,' but it was still miserable for everyone.

Enjoy your quiet time with no dirty diapers to change in those tiny little lavatories, and your very own cup of coke! Livin' big for sure!