More than enough

After I did a bunch of crying yesterday morning - I decided I needed to get out of the house, so we went to brunch.  Have you been to Messhall in Los Feliz? BEST concept for a restaurant ever (but I REALLY love camp!)

Anyway, I realized something once I got outside.  If we never had another kid, that would be ok.  We've had the most wonderful two children that anyone could ever ask for.  My heart has been filled to the brim with love and adoration.  It's fine.  It honestly is.  Would I like another?  Yes.  For sure.  But, I could cuddle with Mo and give him and Max all of my attention for the rest of my life - and that would be enough.  It would be.

There is a cruel joke that nature plays on women who are trying to conceive by making them the most hormonal that they are all month on the same exact day that they are anticipating something that they've likely been hoping for for most of their life.

The love I have for Ted, Max, and Mo is more than enough.  I know I am lucky to have had lucky.  I am blessed to have Ted and Mo.  


Tiffany said...

such a sweet post. they are all lucky to have you.

robyn said...

You have a fabulous and beautiful family, filled with love and support. your boys are the to you, ted, maxie and mo.

Taryn said...

What a lovely post. I'm praying for your success, peace and joy in whatever happens.