A special life

Yesterday we celebrated the life of my warm, interesting and special Aunt Sue.  She passed after a three year battle with cancer, leaving behind her two sweet sons, a lovely daughter in law and two grandchildren. My Auntie Susie and her husband Mike were such special people: major children of the sixties (friends with Jim Morrison), smart, curious and free spirited. I can remember them both always interacting with me like I had something important to say, even when I was really young. They treated kids with the utmost respect and always made us all feel very special. Sue was a poet and a book of her poetry was shared with everyone yesterday.  She was gifted with words.

Images Fade

Images fade and change
Like garments go out of style
They are elusive, bright
But full of air
As I reach out to touch the unreal
Halt the flow for a while
Stop the movement away from where
I am comfortable
Until comfort, too
Fades like a fad
And I am left waiting
For the cycle to begin again
To reach my favorite part
Where I can stop thinking
And listen with my heart

Susan Gale Jordan


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the passing of your aunt. It sounds like she was a wonderful woman. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem.

Taryn said...

She sounds like a neat person. I always like people who are willing to let kids have the respect they deserve as human beings...unfortunately, many people aren't willing to do that. I'm glad you got to have an aunt like her!