Happy Mothers Day to my mother.  Not sure what the hell I would have done without her in Georgia last week.  Despite the emotional rollercoaster, we sure had a lot of laughs!  I think we are going to look back and remember those moments more than the much harder ones.  I love you mom.  I look forward to our next "road trip"!!!!  Next time, let's pick someplace with a beach.


Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day,Abby. I love you!

Susan Chadney said...

Thank you my love! I sure love
You too! We should make the road trip an annual event

Taryn said...

You are both so beautiful!

Susan said...

OMG I think you've made a mistake... clearly been aducted by aliens using mind control or something... there is no way this woman can be your mom.. she is no older than me!

If she really is your mom (surely not!) it bodes well for the genes, doesn't it xx

Big hugs xx