Taking risks

Friday, May 2, 2014

My mom and I are in Georgia. We came here for a specific purpose. Coming here has been a gigantic leap of faith and I am wondering if leaving Mo to fly across the country will end up being worth it. I am still 100% uncertain. Sometimes you have to trust in a process that is in no way guaranteed, because on the off chance that it works out, you know life could take a turn for the better. I don't know. I hate feeling so uncertain. I hate not knowing what lies ahead. I feel sort of stupid taking big chances.  I am told that the best things in life do come with the biggest risk. I hope this will end up being one of those things.


Carm said...

Beauties! Sending you all the love in the world.

Tara Prince said...

Welcome to Georgia. I live here. :)

Em said...

Well I've been following your road trip on Facebook too...I must say now that I've read this I am mighty curious what the purpose of your trip is. I hope whatever it is works out and we get to know soon!

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