Mo's Counting Book

Almost every day, I am comforted by the kindness of complete strangers.  It never ceases to amaze me....I mean it really AMAZES me!  I just cannot believe how compassionate, empathetic and wonderful people who don't even know us can be.  How they support us and connect to Maxie and Mo.  It can be so hard to support a person in grief - and yet, there are people who have made the effort to comfort us even though they don't even know us.  I think it points to the true nature of people - and I think that mostly, people are wonderful and kind hearted!

We received the most beautiful gift last week.  It was so personal and creative and we all love it so much.  A reader of mine from Australia, whom I've never met, put together a beautiful handmade book for Mo...and one for us too! 

It is impossible to see the beautiful craftsmanship in these photos.  The felt is all cut and sewn perfectly and the wheels are buttons.  Mo loves to bite, pull and suck on them.

She also put together a little book for me with photos and small bits about her and her family and personal messages to me.

Thank you Renee for this beautiful present.  It's so beautiful and it touched us all so much.  Thank you for thinking of our family and telling us a little about yours.  They are absolutely lovely - as are you!  Renee is a terrific photographer and posts her photos to her blog: Seeing Each Day.

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