The wisdom of another

I've written pages and pages and pages about "what not to say".  I've often heard that I've ruled everything out and now people have no idea what TO say.  I've been told that is why there are so many people that I just never heard from and why some people just pretend it never happened.

Ashley Sullenger is at least ten years younger than me - but I really look up to her.  She lost her beautiful little girl Preslee in an accident.  Ashley writes about her loss and grief and family and joy with so much depth and hardly ever (maybe even never) any of the bitterness I often feel.  She wrote an article about what TO say that is so right on, I had to link to it today.


Please read - even if you never use these tips with me - you WILL know someone else in grief again (you really will) and her words will help you be present for that person in ways that will be very meaningful.


GrahamForeverInMyHeart said...

Thanks for this article. I've added it to my site so that even more people will find it.

Anonymous said...

Abby, The comments in this article are exactly what you have been telling us all along. It could have been written by you, but if it's confirmation that you need that you are not alone or wrong in what you are feeling about people's responses, I hope it brings you comfort. You are in my thoughts daily and, everytime I see a baby, I think of you and Maxie and Ted and Mo.