The Medium Part IV

I know some of you are really interested in all my medium stuff - others of you just think I am a whack job.  The really incredible thing about having a gigantic loss in your life is that, for the most part, I really don't care what you think.  I am more convinced every day that there is something more than this life and sometimes I need a little extra reassuring.

Last week I spoke to Moriah!  She was the very first medium I spoke to just a few months after we lost Maxie - she gave me a reading at no charge and it was AMAZING.  Whenever we have spoken - my grandpa Jack is the one giving her messages for me and I swear, she speaks in his voice - full of things he used to or would say.  Last week was maybe the most impressive reading that I have had with her (I've had three).  It was good timing too.  I keep thinking about it and it settles my heart a little bit.  She knew about stuff we haven't told anyone - I haven't written about it and it has not been shared (and, no, I am not pregnant - see 30 day weight loss challenge posts).  But she spoke about private conversations that Ted and I have had and about things that have been happening in my life that I haven't written about on my blog.  It was so amazing in fact, that I realized getting a reading for a friend of mine who is grieving was the perfect birthday/mother's day present.  Alas, when I emailed Moriah's assistant to schedule, I found out that she is booked through next spring.  CRAZY!

I was also invited to a private event for bereaved parents with another well-known medium in a couple of weeks that I am looking forward to.  I am more looking forward to it because I like meeting other parents who have lost a child (even though I wish we had NO REASON AT ALL TO MEET).  It is also comforting to see we are doing the same stuff - trying to find our children - wherever they are.  If he is out there somewhere - he knows I am looking for him and I know we will find our way to each other.  Our love is just too strong.  Maybe someday in the nearish future, I'll tell you about some of the stuff she told me.  If you are a griever - maybe you can put a little bit of hope in to the idea that you will be with your loved one again.

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GrahamForeverInMyHeart said...

I'm glad you share information about your meeting with different mediums. As far as I'm concerned, if you have a positive reading, then that means that my son may also exist in some other realm. I can't bear the thought that he no longer exists in any form. So your success gives me hope.