Challenge Update

Hey!  My weight loss challenge is in round two!  During the first round, our group lost 50 pounds between all of us (and it would have only been 49 without the pound I contributed!)  My already teeny, tiny friend Jessica won $200 after four weeks for highest percentage of weight loss.  There were other very impressive losses in addition to hers also.

I may not have really lost weight but I feel a whole lot better - mostly from the working out part.  Ted and I literally work out in our living room every night together.  We have a lot of fun too.  We've basically memorized the DVDs that we do and enjoy quoting Jillian back at the television set - we try to beat her to the we say "You want more? I've got more!" before she can say it first.  Ah, the memories we are creating!

What's really awesome is that when we started just a few weeks ago, I could hardly do a jumping jack.  I blamed it on bad knees.  But, now - it ain't NO THANG!  In fact, a lot of the exercises that I could hardly muster in the first week are easy peasy now - I'm not braggin or anything - just sayin'.

An acquaintance of mine (who is now a friend - not merely an acquaintance), whose brother I know from my high school days, offered to coach me through a nutrition program she did to lose weight after having her daughter and it seems to be working for me.  I am journaling my food every day and sending it to her at night.  She then returns my emails and says things like, "That's great.  Ideally, I'd like to see you get more vegetables in".  She's so sweet.  Their family also had a major loss recently, so we've been checking in with each other about these cycles of grief as well.  I always loved Leslie, even if I didn't know her well. Whenever I'd see her out over the years, I always gravitated towards her - she's adorable and I am so sorry for her family's loss.  It's just inexplicably horrible.  

I was sent a couple of other diet plans as well that I'm keeping in my back pocket for now (thank you Erin for the plan you will get used I am sure!).  It's kind of funny that I am putting this much effort into something that I hope gets derailed (with a pregnancy) in the not too distant future.  But, I was in bad shape and you know, I needed the distraction.  Anyway, aren't you proud of our challenge group?  50 pounds is no joke!

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