Another 30 days....weight loss challenge is back on

Our 30 day weight loss challenge is officially over and most everyone "enjoyed" it so much that we are going for another 30 days (if you want to get in on the second round - email me at teddyabby at gmail dot com).  Many people did really great.  I am so glad that I was able to help kick start that for our group.  Unfortunately, I mostly feel defeated and demoralized.  While I stuck to a strict 1200 calorie a day diet and worked out 6 days a week, I only "lost" one pound (am still a couple of pounds heavier than I was only a few months ago).  And, I know, I the spectrum of my life, being 15-20 pounds overweight isn't the biggest challenge I am facing.  I guess I just feel like I would like an ounce of control somewhere in my life.  I wish I could at least look in the mirror and recognize the person staring back at me.  The person I see these days is sad and heavy and missing everything that was once "me".  I hate it.  And, I hate working so hard to stay exactly the same.  I am not asking for sympathy - since I already have used that card way up for the really important grief in my life - but maybe I am asking for some tips, advice, support?  Has anyone else had this issue after having a baby?  After having Maxie, I was training for a bike ride - I followed the Weight Watchers plan perfectly and rode in the mountains of Griffith Park for an hour about 4 days a week and lost nothing.  Is it simply hormones?  Is there anything at all that can be done?  Beth, my sister-in-law, recommended a book called "The Hormone Cure", which sounds great and I bought it for my Kindle.  I feel like getting back to myself physically would do wonders for boosting my self-confidence but I am running out of energy to keep working this hard.

By the way - I am so grateful for so many beautiful notes of encouragement and love yesterday, on Mo's nine and a half month birthday.  We enjoyed a very nice day with him.  I can't say that I feel completely relieved but I feel grateful for him (he's so perfect!) and for your support. So, thank you!


Em said...

Just wanted to encourage you to read Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. It's the best for weight loss and totally manageable.

Lindsey said...

My fitness pal is an awesome diet tracker. If you are exercising, 1200 calories is too few calories. Many people do really well at 1400ish calories. Also this month has been really stressful for you which can hinder weightloss. I highly recommend "clean eating" which you can learn more about on she has awesome recipes too. Its the one style of eating that has worked really well for my body. Good luck and don't give up!

Lindsey said...

Also if you are still breastfeeding you definitely need at least 1500 net calories a day., and are my favorite low calorie recipe sites and they're delicious.