Camping - not to be confused with Glamping

Camping not Glamping

We are on our way home from the shortest camping trip ever to be taken with the most prep time. Ted saved the day and found us a camping spot near Idywild when our original spot was closed for the season due to the government shut down.  It was really beautiful and Mo loved being in nature. He absolutely loves nature and the outdoors. It was a trip we planned so we could get away in the aftermath of Maxie's birthday.

I wasn't sure how Mo would go to sleep. We brought his pack and play, which I'm glad about because he did play in it while we set up our campsite, but when it came time to go to sleep, it was just not happening. Way too cold- even with all of the layering. So, instead of enjoying the fire and contemplating the stars, I went to bed early so I could snuggle with Mo and help him sleep.  I had hoped that staring at the stars would help me a bit with my perspective on life but immediate life called (or howled as the case may be) and I came to the rescue.  Mo and I didn't both fit in my sleeping bag so I unzipped the whole thing and used it as a blanket, which was just not warm enough. Mo actually slept really well but I can't say the same. Ted slept in my old tent, which was way smaller, with Jake and Layla. His feet were sticking out of the front of the tent all night. I wouldn't say that any of us really had a very cozy nights sleep.

We packed up early this morning and went into town for breakfast.  Next time we are going to have to go for longer and bring better gear. We all love camping! Mo included!

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