My friend Glenda writes me often to comment about what I've written on my blog.  She is a new friend - a friend that is part of my "club".  She is wise and insightful and much further along in this journey.  I believe that she honors her son Chad every day by being funny, and silly, and sassy, and smart and empathetic  She doesn't wallow, even though she has really hard days.

This is her response to my blog post yesterday

"the telling of the story was for You and no one else...let go of expectations and find the peace...a church group would be looking for such a heart felt story not many other settings...this is hard to say but I feel it's important to say and I know you know it's true...we only share that special part of us with those who will honor the sharing....I share Chad with you because you honor the sharing...some will get it, some won't, so what, move on, sort of thing....you are simply defining yourself in the world again...they'll most likely never see what you've been thru with Max as anything relevant to them...and do you want to be remembered as the poor sad lady or as the intelligent confident woman that you are....(I get it that you are both...most won't)  Let them off the hook and you'll find inner rest.

Good for you for having the balls to share...now let go of the outcome as you never know why the story was "really" shared."

She's right.  I am learning.  When Maxie first died - I felt like I had to share him with everyone, including the Starbucks Barista.  I wanted to make sure that everyone knew he was here!  I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!!!!!  But, the more I share, the more I have realized that very few people I've told actually cared.  As a result, I want to tell fewer and fewer people.  

Glenda is right.  I am learning.

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Susan Chadney said...

Glenda is right and she is wonderful! Maxie's Grandma