Halloween's Back

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am so grateful to have Halloween back!  My friend Annie and her baby, Riley, came over yesterday for a Halloween photo shoot.  We just happen to have the exact same costumes for our babies.  I mean she literally said, "I have 2 costumes for Riley - a kermit and a giraffe", and I was like, "I have those costumes too!  Bring em on!"  How weird!  ....Or not.  She and I are very much alike actually....although I would NEVER buy these crazy muppet masks, the fact that SHE has them is one of the MANY reasons I love her.  She never dresses up like the sexy kitten, or the naughty schoolgirl....she is always in some kind of funny, not so sexy, man costume.  When we first became friends, she had a "rock and roll" birthday party and dressed as a very manish "Prince" (as in artist formerly known as the "artist formerly known as Prince") complete with a jheri curl mullet wig and with a skinny mustache and all (from the Purple Rain days).  Anyway, as you can see...we had a lot of fun.  I'm so happy Halloween is back!

This last outfit was made for Mo by a woman who I told Maxie's story to months ago.  I've never met her, she just wanted to do something nice for us.  She didn't even know how much I love Halloween!

Also - can you believe Mo is three months old and Riley is eleven?  I swear in these pictures Mo looks almost as big as Riley, right?  Riley weighs more but Mo is seriously almost as long.

Sending love and strength to the East Coast, where Halloween is mostly not happening this year because of Hurricane Sandy!!


Bianca said...

Come on! This is cuteness overload. xoxo

Rose said...

Two adorable Kermies and Stadler and Waldorf, excellent. xoxoxo

Sarah Blitzstein said...


Jenny Romanowski said...

Love the pictures! Both babes are too cute! Your smile lightens my heart so nice to see it! Your a beautiful mama!!

greg said...

The cuteness is too much. It's simply too much. I can't take it. The Movine is just cuteness x 10,000 x infinity. Especially fond of the "flanked by pumpkins" series.

robyn said...

love these. mo is adorable (riley too).

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