Wish you were here

Holy Moses!  The WiFi here is SO slow.  But, oh my lord - this place is the bomb!  We are at the Secrets Silversands Resort in Cancun.  It is seriously beautiful.  There are at least 5 pool areas, a white sand beach, ongoing activities and shows, and all you can drink (totally lost on me this trip) and eat (with a bunch of nice restaurants on the property).  Ted cannot believe that you just sit at the bar, drink all night and then stand up and walk away.  We only want to take all-inclusive vacations from now on.  We'll have to find a family version for when Baby M gets here.  For now, it is beyond awesome that there are NO children anywhere.  Our flight down was like being on a baby field trip - it was really hard and challenging.  But, I won't dwell on that because it's done.  I am so happy we decided to come here and the time is already slipping away too quick.  We have a swim out room so we can lounge on our deck and then jump in the pool.  I want to spend time every day on the beach.  The last medium I saw (more info on that sometime in the future - because it was beyond unreal) said that we could find Max on the beach.  We both felt his presence last night on the beach, in what would have otherwise been a fairy cheesy moment.  After a big "dance show" in the resort's theater, there was a bonfire on the beach with an acoustic duo.  We got down there in time to hear Pink Floyd's ""Wish you were here".  Music I loved as a teenager...even though the lyrics were completely lost on me then.  In a pronounced Mexican accent, the Shakira like female singer belted out -"How I wish....how I wish you were here.  We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl....year after year".  I got pretty weepy.  As much as I search for Max all day and night, he is never further than one thought away from me at all times.  And I miss him SO much.  I can't even imagine how my life is continuing without him.  And, as beautiful and perfect as this vacation is, I'd rather be sitting on the stinky Ikea couch in our living room, covered in spit up, nuzzling into my Maxie's neck.

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