The Medium Part Two

A lot of people have asked about the reading I had with the Medium back at the end of September.  They are curious to know what she said that made so much sense to me.  What did she know about us that I don't think she could have known if she hadn't connected with some loved one of mine on the other side.  I have no reason to keep any of it a secret so I am happy to share, and remember, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.  I don't care if you believe in it or not.  I like believing in it.  It gives me something positive to focus on and to live for....being with Maxie again.  This is all we really want.  Maybe if you have lost someone special or are just afraid of death and dying, this will give you some hope too.
I want to start by giving some background.  The Medium is a friend of a friend of a friend.  She didn't know me from Adam.  The woman I know that knew her didn't know me well either but is friends with one of my best friends.  I am sure that isn't easy to follow but suffice it to say that she is the one who put us in touch didn't know much about me except for that my baby died.  She contacted the Medium on IM and said "I have a friend of a friend whose baby died.  Would you do a reading for her."  As I understand it, the Medium said "of course" and then wrote back a few days later to say that there was a little boy hanging around her and that I should contact her and she would give me the reading for free.  The reading was scheduled for the weekend that Beth was in town visiting us.  Beth, Ted and I spent a lot of time together over the weekend talking about Maxie, picking out boys and girls "M" names for our future children, and even daydreaming about new lives in new places.  Ted and I had been talking for several years about moving to Portland and Beth and I talked about packing up and getting a house together in Seattle.  It has basically just been all talk but it is nice to think that there is someplace that we could escape to.  Anyway, I woke up that morning and took an early pregnancy test.  I had bought the kind that allow you to test 5 days ahead of a missed period and I was hoping to be able to share some good news with Beth before she left.  However, I got a "not pregnant" in my test window that morning and it made me sadder than I already was.  So I sat on the couch all morning waiting for my phone call with the Medium.
When I called her, she didn't ask any questions, she just explained that she is a Medium and not a psychic and she can give me information about my loved ones but can't predict the future unless there is something that one of my loved ones wants me to know.  Then she started my reading.  She said that she saw our little boy and that he was holding hands with a little girl.  She told me that when she sees this, she knows that those are our children.  She said that our baby was sad that he left us and plans to come back and wants us to give him an "M" name.  She also said that the little girl was going to come first.  She asked if I was pregnant.  I told her that in fact I was not.  That I had taken a pregnancy test that morning that came back negative.  She told me to retest in a few days and that she believed I was pregnant and that I had just tested too early (As it turned out, I tested a few days later and I was pregnant but as I wrote about on this blog, I later miscarried).  She then said that my son was with a man with prominent features, with a strong and square jaw, who had died from something in his chest or his lungs.  This sounded like a good description of my Grandpa Jack, who died from lung cancer.  She determined that Max died from something related to his breathing, from SIDS, she said.  She said that my grandfather was telling her that I had a great ability to write and that "It doesn't need to be the Great Gatsby, but that I should just put my pen to paper and write".  She asked if Ted and I have talked about moving to Portland or Seattle and when I answered. "yes", she said, "He says to get off the pot!".  She said that he told her that I didn't need to become a vegetarian.  I had stopped eating red meat when Max was born, as I started to feel a stronger affinity towards animals that nurse their babies.  (As a side note, my grandpa loved red meat, especially when it was salted and cured.  His favorite in between meals snack was sliced pan-fried kosher salami.)  She asked if I had any other questions, and I asked her about Ted.  She said that Maxie was holding up something blue and flannel and saying that he understood what it was...that it was something important to his Daddy.  She repeated that he wanted to make sure that his daddy knew that he knew it was something important.  If you know my husband,  you know that Giants football is probably one of the top most important things in his life.  Maxie was buried in his blue flannel Giants PJs.  Aside from those PJs though, we have lots blue Giants gear.  It seems pretty obvious that that is what he was talking about to me.  She said that Maxie was 100% with our family.  She said that there were about nine other people with him.  Between Ted and I, we have 9 grandparents who have passed away actually because Grandpa Jack was my mom's stepfather, I was just really close to him.
The Medium has given a few readings to friends and family since she gave me mine.  They were not totally accurate.  In fact, one friend who was looking to connect to her daughter, wasn't able to connect to her.  However, she has given two readings to two of my family members and was able to come up with lucky numbers, specific incidences from their pasts, specifics of the way they dress and the music that they listen to.  I don't think she even knew that she was talking to my relative with one.  Maybe she has a connection with us?  I have no idea.  So, now you wonder if am I a full fledged believer.  Here is what I can say - I believe that there is something that happens after we die.  Is that something Heaven or "the other side" or a parallel universe?  I really don't know.  What I do think is that every world religion pretty much agrees that our souls do not cease to exist when we stop breathing.  What I do think is that it is less important which religion has it right and more important that everyone seems to be on the same track.  What I do know is that this is important for me, because without this hope that I will see Max again some day, somewhere, I really don't know where I would be.
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Yael said...

Hi Abby,
Thank you for sharing this post - it is beautiful.
I agree with you - I believe that our souls - are connected with those that we love for ever and that when you die you don't just go away but are linked together.

LukeGrantsMom (Katie) said...

This is a great post, thanks for sharing it. I believe your little Max was there and connecting with you, I don't think anyone needs to look for or believe in any other explanations. Side note - I live outside Portland, Oregon and it is a great place to live.