RIP Paul Walker

We've lost a legend: Lou Reed

Your thoughts are with the family of Nelson Mandela

Your heart is broken for the family that lost their child whose story went viral. 

These are the posts I see on your Facebook page....and yet, I've never once heard from you since my son died.  And, you know me. 

I just find it curious is all.


Laura555 said...

I am also a mom who lost a child and I follow several blogs, including yours, of moms who are also struggling to figure out the new normal. Yours is the second I looked at tonight with a similar theme and it resonates so much. I am still amazed at those who have never reached out to us. I keep trying to be charitable and remember that until I lost my son, I really would have had no clue how to support someone else in my shoes. But, it still hurts, really hurts. I hope that we can at least educate some of those lucky parents out there who have not had to go through this, that they need to do more for their friends and family who have.

TamaraL said...


Kimberly Berger said...

Hi Abby, I don't know if you received it or not, but I sent you a message about a month ago on FB when I first "friended" you and learned about Max. I haven't heard from you but thought maybe you just didn't want to respond. Or maybe you didn't see it? I think it might have gone into your "other" box since we were not officially connected at that point. Either way, after reading this post I just want to make sure you saw my message. And I really want to put you in touch with my friend, Laurie, who will be in L.A. in a few weeks. Kimby