Mos last haircut

My mom fancies herself quite the haircutter. She regularly cuts my brother, her boyfriend Ken and some of the neighbors' hair. I must admit she's pretty good. She is my go-to gal for trims and the only one who cut my hair for two years after losing Maxie (and until I was in my mid-twenties). She's been itching to cut Mosie's hair, even though I keep warning her, it won't be easy.  It became clear that she wasn't backing down, so I brought him to her for his last cut.

As you can imagine, this method took a while.  Surprisingly, his haircut actually turned out pretty good, especially considering she took one snip at a time over the period of about an hour.  Still, I think we are going to wait until he can sit still more more than a few minutes before we bring him back for his next grandma haircut.

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