My friend Glenda wrote me the other day after receiving my post about surviving and said that in more recent years, she has gone from surviving to thriving.  The idea both scares and excites me.  I can't even imagine thriving again.  I thought a good activity for me today might be to make a list of all of those parents who've lost children and who have managed to find a way to thrive again.  I am going to start with Glenda.  My fear is that, of course, there are people who look like they are thriving but who may not actually be.  We bereaved parents become very good with time at fooling the rest of the world.  Regardless, I will do the best I can to put my little list together.  Then, when I am feeling like I just want to give up, I will be able to pull out my list and try to channel some of their strength. 

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