Fix it

Ted was away on a ski trip this past weekend so Mo and I were on our own. We packed our weekend with activities. We met my mom at Griffith Park on Saturday and visited Shane's Inspiration, the Merry Go Round and the Southern Train Ride. We spent a lot of time on Sunday playing on our deck outside. And- I even went out on Saturday night while our nanny watched Mo. That was a big one for me for a number of reasons - out without Ted, out at all, Mo with a "babysitter" (yes, she's his nanny but she's never babysat him at night), I stayed out late, I went to a party where I didn't know most of the people there.  I recognize these things are completely non threatening to an average person but I'm not myself anymore.  I'm feeling socially awkward, even around people who I've known for most of my life...and I'm not used to being away from Mo.  Anyway- it was fun. I'm glad I got out of my comfort zone for the night.

That being said, I was happy to get back in it on Sunday morning.  Here are some videos from the weekend. Without Teddy around, I worried there would be nobody to fix stuff around the house.  Luckily Mo is his Daddy's boy!!!!

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