One day, his fans will be telling his story:

Mo Leviss was visiting his grandma and her boyfriend, Ken, back in December of  '13, when they stumbled upon some neighbors with a toddler on a neighborhood walk.  The neighbors invited them inside and they saw that the kid had a drum kit.  Mo just walked right over, picked up the sticks and started playing as if it was something he had been born knowing how to do.  The neighbors stared on in amazement and wondered how Mo knew instinctively knew how to play at 17 months old.

Mo's grandma and K-pa knew right then what they had to do.  They ran to Walgreens and bought the last Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toddler drum set and brought it back to their house.  The rest is history!


Hi, my name is Judy. said...

That is really great! You are right, he is a natural. Love the curious dog in the shot. Enjoy the noise!

Stephanie said...

OMG! So adorable! Let's get Nate down here so they can jam!